Zoom Call with Our
Portfolio Managers

PMs Chris Davis and Danton Goei recently conducted a call for Financial Professionals

Subjects focused on some of the most important issues facing investors today

U.S. Economy & Markets

Impact of Inflation & Rising Rates on Portfolio Positioning

Higher Inflation and interest rates may be returning. How should this impact portfolio positioning? Watch Now

Is the Long Term Bull Market Still Intact?

Why we may be in the early innings of a “rotation” toward lower-valuation, less-favored areas of the market Watch Now

Opportunity in Financials and Investor Misperceptions

Financials are again proving their resilience. We believe rising rates may boost earnings, offering significant opportunity from today’s low valuations Watch Now

Ukraine Conflict & the Markets

Investing through Ukraine and Other Crises

Is the current environment unprecedented? Combating the uncertainty felt by every investor when confronted with inevitable crises Watch Now

Ukraine & the U.S. Economy

Ways the Ukraine conflict has accelerated existing trends in inflation, the unwinding of globalization and “just-in-time” supply chains Watch Now

Ukraine & the Economies of Europe, Asia

Ukraine conflict impacts to economies, trade, equity and commodity markets, and central bank policy around the globe Watch Now

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