Selected American Shares
Manager Commentary - Fall Review 2020 Download View

An interview with the Fund Managers.

Portfolio Manager Special Update - March 2020 Download View

The importance of mastering your emotions and envisioning the recovery after this crisis passes; factors driving our decisions to sell, hold or actually buy more of a company.

Selected International Fund
Manager Commentary - Semi-Annual Review 2020 Download View

Portfolio Manager Danton Goei discusses the Portfolio, performance and how he applies the Davis Investment Discipline to uncover opportunities outside the United States.

Portfolio Manager Special Update - March 2020 Download View

How the strong balance sheets and durable competitive advantages of the companies of Selected International Fund are helping them navigate these challenging times, and why we believe well-capitalized financials are significantly mispriced currently.

All equity investments involve risk. No investor is guaranteed a profit. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Davis Distributors, LLC, is the distributor of the Selected Funds.